Rolex Submariner Black Date

Rolex Submariner Black Date

She said: "I didn't know what to think so I just broke down and wept.

"The police were fantastic, too. They were out in force there was loads of them. I'm just happy she has been found safe and sound."

Rolex Submariner Black Date

Rolex Submariner Black Date


´╗┐Muumbe Hapenga Netherhall

Muumbe's mother Grace, 38, also a nurse at the General, was working when three officers took her into a private room to explain her daughter was missing.

Rolex Submariner Black Date

"The community spirit I saw was amazing everyone was out and about looking in gardens and parks.

"I was so happy, I went straight back anyway to make sure she was okay."

Rolex Submariner Black Date

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Rolex Submariner Black Date

Police cars, helicopters and officers were called out after Burberry Tote Smoked Check

Rolex Submariner Black Date

Rolex Submariner Black Date

Councillor Barbara Potter said: "I actually clocked about eight miles in my car searching the streets.

three year old Muumbe Hapenga disappeared from her home, in Netherhall, Leicester, at about Rolex Submariner Black Date 2pm yesterday.

Nicola Johnson, 21, who lives next door, said: "Everyone rallied round and helped out, the street was manic. It's nice when the story has a happy ending."

"The deputy sister told me to go home, but even before I'd left the hospital the police told me she had been found.

After searching the family home, in Armadale Drive, for a second time, police found a large suitcase in Muumbe's bedroom, and Burberry Blue Label Card Holder

Her father, Austen Hapenga, 39, a mental health nurse at Leicester General Hospital, said: "I checked the house two or three times and I even looked in the suitcase, but she had buried herself under the clothes.

A spokesman for the police said: "Police were called at 1.54pm following the report of a missing three year old girl. She was reported missing from her home in the Netherhall area by a family member.

Rolex Submariner Black Date

Rolex Submariner Black Date

Rolex Submariner Black Date

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