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But he says if you want good company, a great breakfast, and a quiet room in someone's house, you should have that option too.

up a gourmet spinach and egg breakfast, his cell phone is receiving text alerts about his next guest. who made a reservation through Airbnb.

Cities from New York to New Orleans to Malibu and even Grand Rapids are cracking down on Airbnb, and what the hotel industry calls "unlicensed hotels."

What' s Caporale's thoughts on that? He says "I understand. But I think there's a place for everybody, hotels have things I can't offer."

Airbnb takes care of booking, payment, and provides protection against fraud. Guests have to pay up front, to prevent them from bailing out, but the owner is not paid until after they spend a night.

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You get the private room, bath, and hot breakfast for less than $90 a night.

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Hotel owners want home sharers to pay hotel taxes, and be subject to inspection, licensing, and regulation.

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´╗┐Make money sharing your home with strangers

"They protect the host, they protect the guest, they have insurance for me, a million dollars in insurance," he said.

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Rolex Daytona Gold

For now, home sharing is legal in most areas outside New York City (where it is illegal to list rooms on Airbnb), but new communities are imposing laws and taxes every month.

Controversy Growing Over Legality

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Each bedroom has its own theme, an old fashioned key, and full bath. Some are extra luxurious. "I call this the old timey Rolex Daytona Gold rich mans shower," he explained, "because it's got 7 shower heads."


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The Bottom Line

He says if you want the Hyatt, that's great. He says he is not trying to be a hotel.

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