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Avon Fire and Rescue were called at 8.08pm with three fire engines attending.

neighbours had taken her in and given her a cup of tea because she was very shaken but, at the end of the day, the roof can be fixed and she is alive that is the main thing. Mrs Groves has lived in the area all her life and ironically was talking about the Bath Blitz to her daughter recently, saying how glad she was her house hadn been hit.

wife Kelsa had said how strange the weather was; we were having tea and heard a bang.

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on the scene just half an hour later and Buy Rolex Watches Uk were shocked at what they saw.

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fire brigade told me the lightning bolt came across and caught the roof, went into the roof space and started to go up in flames, said Mr Rust.

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there are taller properties nearby, and the Bennetts have concerns that a metal phone mast is to blame.

Mr Rust said he was told by the fire brigade that it couldn understand why his mother in law house was hit when Burberry Wallet Black

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went to get a drink and saw smoke coming out of her roof and ran over to get her out I was just doing what anyone would do.

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am just glad we got her out. The lightning bolt even blew out the family's internet router.

looked up and there was a flame, it was getting very high. Her son in law John Rust and his wife Mary were Burberry Bags Womens

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it was a firework and kids messing about but the bang was so loud.

It said the fire was in the roof space and was "of accidental ignition".

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A fire engine with an aerial unit to tackle flames from above was involved, and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went inside.

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Buy Rolex Watches Uk

´╗┐Neighbours describe moment Bath house was struck

Mr Bennett, 36, said he wasn a hero just someone who was doing the right thing.

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Buy Rolex Watches Uk

Buy Rolex Watches Uk

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